Your Ultimate DIY Guide To Mobile Church Equipment

It doesn’t have to cost you 25 grand or more to put together a mobile church setup. It just takes knowing what equipment you need and where to get it.

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I am not recommending the cheapest ones. I am recommending reliable ones at a decent price by manufacturers that I have come to trust over the years. Don’t expect top-notch professional sound like you would find at a mega-church. You will get good sound at a decent price out of these systems.

Mobile PA System Packages

The Fender Passport

Fender Passport Conference Portable PA SystemFender Passport Conference Portable PA System

  • All-in-one PA system with five-channel powered mixer and full-range speaker
  • 175 watts
  • Nine inputs (three XLR, five 1/4″, one 1/8″ stereo)
  • International voltage operation (100- 120-volt/220- 240-volt)
  • 1/8″ stereo line output with level control
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The Fender Passport is a small all in one PA system. It has five channels which are good for a couple of vocals, a guitar and a keyboard. That is not a lot, but when you are first starting out, that is all you need. It comes with the speakers, mixer, speaker stands and a couple of cables.

Fender is a great brand name with a good reputation. There will come a time, Lord willing, that you will grow out of this system but if you have to start with a small budget, you should be well served by this portable sound system.

The Peavey Escort 5000 Portable PA System

Peavey Escort 5000 Portable PA SystemPeavey Escort 5000 Portable PA System

  • 500 Watts (250 x2)
  • Two-way speaker system with 10 woofer
  • 8 channels
  • Custom rubberized knobs
  • 7 combination XLR 1/4 inputs

For just a little bit more you can upgrade to 8 channels with the Peavey portable PA system. It has seven mic/instrument inputs and 1 line input. It has a rugged wheeled carrying case, speaker stands, speakers, and mixer.

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Duke Taber
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