6 Reasons Why Churches Don’t Change

Most churches avoid changing at all cost, even if it means not growing.

6 Reasons Why Churches Don’t Change

Churches don’t change. In fact most churches avoid changing at all cost, even if it means not growing. It’s so bad that I’ve seen churches choose to close their doors over choosing to change. Below are six common reasons I’ve observed why churches choose not to change. One of these might be why your church won’t change.


Churches find themselves talking about the same issues they’ve been talking about for years. Instead of making decisions and doing the hard work of dealing with those issues, they’re sitting around waiting on a silver-bullet, innovative idea that will never come but if it did it would magically solve all of their problems.


Churches don’t change because their structure won’t allow it. They can’t make decisions in a timely manner because there are too many boards, committees, polity to wade through and church votes to take to actually do anything.


Churches are more focused on taking care of the sheep then they are inviting new people to the family. They make decisions based on who they are trying to keep rather than who they’re trying to reach.


Churches don’t want to change. They like things the way they are. They like knowing everyone at church, they like singing the same songs, they like the warm blanket and safety and security of knowing what to expect. In a world that is constantly changing around them they pride themselves on never changing.


Churches don’t change because of money. If they really did change then the people who are funding the church might leave and stop giving. So they keep things the way they are.


Churches are afraid of leading through change. The tough thing about leadership is that eventually you have to lead. It takes real courage to receive criticism, some of it fanatical in a church setting and keep moving in the direction the Lord has asked you to go.

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Paul Alexander
Paul is a pastor, speaker, strategist, and ministry consultant at Tony Morgan Live. He has a passion for helping churches make vision real. For more than 11 years he has served on the senior leadership teams of some of the nation’s leading mega-churches. Currently, Paul serves as the Executive Pastor at Sun Valley Community Church, a large multi-site church located in the Phoenix area.
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    Excellent article. In an age of dynamic change, forward thinking and rapid change, we simply need to re-think the times we are in and adopt with a creative alternative. This need not equate with sell out, rather, think of it as a Godly alternative as Daniel and his friends did by refusing to eat the King’s meat and took only vegetables instead. Daniel’s alternative strategy proved a divine change of direction that incurred God’s blessing. Personally, for me, I have been making a transition into God’s purposes and am finding that the blessing that comes with it is already laid out along the journey!