16 Habits of Great Public Speakers

Every leader needs to always be improving their public speaking skills.

16 Habits Of Great Public Speakers

Leadership comes with a microphone. This is because there will come a time in every leader’s life when they must stand up and proclaim, “Follow me!” As a result, every leader needs to always be improving their public speaking skills.

The incredible video above teaches us 16 Habits of Great Public Speakers:

  1. Great Public Speakers Are Highly Prepared – “I read the script. Did you read the script?”
  2. Great Public Speakers Use an Appropriate Amount of Emotion – “No emotion…melodramatic.”
  3. Great Public Speakers Embrace Brevity – “And it’s 15 pages long.”
  4. Great Public Speakers Use Language Everyone Can Understand – “Put the thesaurus down.”
  5. Great Public Speakers Know What They Are Trying to Communicate and Why – The film above was described as “a tease.” Malcovich replied, “But if they see this aren’t they already watching? So what are we teasing?”
  6. Great Public Speakers Collaborative With Others Before Speaking – Knowing the script was subpar, Malcovich began working with the director to finalize the best possible outcome.
  7. Great Public Speakers Embrace Simplicity – “You’ve overcomplicated the story.”
  8. Great Public Speakers Tell Stories – “This is one of the oldest, simplest stories there is. This is an ancient stories from olden times.”
  9. Great Public Speakers Create Tension – “The story of the mighty giant vs. the tiny underdog.”
  10. Great Public Speakers Provide Hope – “What does football teach us? You always have a chance.”
  11. Great Public Speakers Are Factually Accurate – “Look at what Bortles, Fournette and the Jaguars did only last weekend.”
  12. Great Public Speakers Define Reality – “They don’t have one Goliath. They have two Goliaths—Brady, Belichick.”
  13. Great Public Speakers Solve a Problem – “Relentlessly, the machine stomps on!”
  14. Great Public Speakers Use Supporting Tools – “That’s when you should cut in the NFL footage.”
  15. Great Public Speakers Call for Action – “This is the NFL’s David vs. the NFL’s Goliath for the right to play in the Super Bowl.”
  16. Great Public Speakers Use Humor as Their Friend – The director asked his assistant, “Please tell me you were rolling on that.” To which he replied, “You never said, ‘Action.’”

What is one thing you learned from the video above which will make you a better communicator?

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Brian Dodd
Brian Dodd is a church stewardship & leadership consultant. See www.briandoddonleadership.com for additional insights.