4 Must-Ask Questions Before Starting a Church

Your brief answers can have a massive impact on your ministry.

starting a church

Some organizations have a vetting process for starting a church. These organizations have developed questions that refine each candidate. But if you’re thinking of starting a church, here are four questions you should ask yourself first.

Starting a Church? Ask These 4 Questions:

1. Cool or Called?

In other words: Are you going to be starting a church “there” because it is the cool place, or because you honestly feel a genuine call from God to go there? Here are 10 great quotes that may radically reshape your ideas about calling.

2. Problems or Potential?

Are you going to begin your church plant by declaring the problems other churches have, or the potential you believe your church has? Consider these 19 points worth pondering as build the faith-filled proclamation about your church.

3. Vacation or Vision?

Do you think starting a church is going to be easy, that people are automatically going to buy into your vision, that you will receive zero resistance? If so, you’re in for a huge wake-up call. Planting a church is not a vacation but rather something that initiated from God through a white-hot vision that allows a leader to roll up his sleeves and do whatever it takes to make something happen! (If you aren’t willing to work, church planting isn’t for you!) Eric Geiger of Lifeway provides these insights into the importance of vision.

4. Imitation or Revelation?

Are you starting a church because you saw it done somewhere else and thought it would be really cool to do, or because you know without a doubt you have heard the voice of God and feel like you might explode if you don’t do what He’s calling you to?

Christine Yount Jones is Content Director for Outreach Media Group. She has published several books and hundreds of articles about ministry in the last three decades. Before his death in 2003, Michael Yount and Christine had three children. Now, she and her husband, Ray Jones, together have five grown kids.