The BIG Pastor Killer

How important is the emotional health of a pastor? Artie Davis says it trumps all else!

After getting hit in the head with a bat, it seems you would learn not walk in front of the person swinging one at you. Well, I guess I’m not that bright!

After many years of trying to be the most Kingdom building, productive, caring, loving and reproducing leader, I have been forced to face this:

Emotional health trumps all else!

We’re created in God’s image. God is an emotional being and so are we. We talk a lot about caring for ourselves in many ways:

  • Spiritually
  • Physically
  • Relationally
  • Financially, etc.

But, if you don’t take care of yourself, and stay emotionally healthy, you can kill off everything else in your life!

That is the only area I’ve found with that kind of killing power in the life of a human being. Once you allow yourself to become so emotionally unhealthy, it’s almost impossible for all the other areas of your life to NOT suffer tremendous harm.

Sick Emotions Kill Relationships

Emotionally unhealthy people withdraw, criticize unfairly, and carry bitterness and unforgiveness. These kill relationships, no matter how close or far. From marriage to distant friendships.

If we are weak emotionally, we can destroy precious relationships. (Been there, done that!)

Sick Emotions Kill Finances 

Ever heard of a mid-life crisis? An unwarranted spending binge? An unexpected bankruptcy? I’ve seen all these in those close to me, and it’s horrible. Emotionally unhealthy people make unhealthy and dangerous financial decisions.

If you aren’t well emotionally, ask a trusted family member or friend before you make ANY major changes or purchases.

Sick Emotions Kill Passion

We are meant to be a passionate people. Passionate for God, for the things of God, the people of God, and those who don’t know God. All this passion takes incredible emotional strength. In fact, emotional strength is the ONLY thing that can fuel the passion we need.

So if we don’t care for our emotional health, our passion dies!

Sick Emotions Kill Physically

Believe it or not. Stress, anxiety, and depression lead to an early – and I mean very early – and painful end! Don’t go there. Your emotions are directly tied to how you feel, heal, and move physically.

Emotions can wreck your body, from the inside out.


I have been emotionally unhealthy (hit in the head with a bat) more than once! But no more! I will do WHATEVER it takes to stay emotionally healthy. I challenge you to do the same. To much is riding on our emotional health to neglect it.

How are you doing emotionally? See any danger signs? 

Artie Davis
Artie Davis is an author, blogger, pastor of Cornerstone Church, and a husband who "loves helping Pastors and Leaders realize and reach their greatest potential"