Why Evangelism Isn’t Only for Extroverts (These 4 Boxes Will Help Tell You Why)

We’re all called to share the Good News. Yes, even us introverts.

Third Space‘s guest speaker last week shared this diagram from Loren Mead, “Quadrilateral of Evangelism–How do we choose to live our faith?”:


Source: Loren B. Mead, 1994, Alban Institute

Along with the “quadrilateral” were these questions:

1. (Rel./Sec.) Do we prefer to seek God in heaven or by bringing God’s kingdom to earth?

2. (Ind./Soc.) Do we prefer to seek out God through a personal relationship or our community?

3. How do we choose to live today? How do we think we should?

4. What can we learn from each other?

Too often evangelism is thought to be for extroverts or a particular brand of Christianity. While imperfect, I found this helpful in considering how each of us engage God and the world. I imagine that simply articulating for yourself how you engage makes the conversation about how you approach evangelism easier.

The last thing I’ll add is that I like that Mead connects “evangelism” with “live our faith.” Evangelism is not simply a practice, it’s a way of living, as Bryan Stone did such a great job of unpacking in Evangelism After Christendom.

Jason Evans
Jason Evans is a Christian thinker, writer, speaker and practioner. He is the co-founder of the Ecclesia Collective, a collection of Christian leaders and communities committed to nurturing grassroots expressions of the kingdom of God. His work in establishing missional communities has been profiled in books such as Jim & Casper Go To Church, Street Crossers, Emerging Churches and Emerging Worship. Jason is the Young Adult Missioner to the Episcopal Diocese of Washington D.C.