3 for Thought: You Should Plant a Church Today

If you’re not going to plant today, then when?

Church Planting Is the Fastest Way to Spread the Gospel

As the church fully engages in its mission to make disciples, the formation of new churches will be a natural product of the Kingdom expansion. Now I’m not trying to promote any one school of planting … just that a new plant would come out of the harvest, and not in transfer growth.

Church Planting Is a Must

What promoted this blog is an email I received today from a man who feels called to plant a church, but his pastor says if he does he “isn’t a true minister.” What? Are you serious right now? Why would a pastor be against church planting? I can guess … Spiritual ignorance. A lack of knowing and feeling the weight of the great command to “go and make followers of all people.”

Church Planting Needs to Be Accelerated

Quite simply, this is my challenge … are you or will you engage directly or partner with another who is actively planting a church(es)? This is primarily a corporate call, but an individual one as well. Each person and every community of believers must carry the weight to “go and make followers.”

How are you actively obeying the command: “Go and make disciples”?

How many have you “made”?

What is your next step?

Artie Davis
Artie Davis is an author, blogger, pastor of Cornerstone Church, and a husband who "loves helping Pastors and Leaders realize and reach their greatest potential"