Free eBook: “The Emerging Micro-Church Era: Addition, Reproduction, or Multiplication?” by Todd Wilson

Specific questions to guide your decision-making process as you consider if or how your church will engage.

Free eBook: "The Emerging Micro-Church Era: Addition, Reproduction, or Multiplication?" by Todd Wilson

Free eBook

From Exponential:

In early 2010, Exponential published a white paper titled “A Micro Manifesto,” in which we took a forward look at where we saw the church in the United States heading in the coming decade (from 2010 to 2020). As forecasted in the report, we’re now seeing the natural progression of the “mega-focused” church to the “multi-focused” church to the next era of the “micro-focused” church. As most mega-multi churches continue their addition-growth focus, the next logical, evolutionary frontier is to extend and leverage the multi into the micro context.

As Exponential continues to look for new wineskins necessary for Level 5 multiplication in the United States, we see a potential awakening for the church. This new emerging era of micro-focused churches is now positioned to produce a much-needed fresh wind and reformation in the church. Or, conversely, it could represent a major distraction and barrier to multiplication.

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