The Biggest Missional Lie

What is the biggest barrier to living life on mission with God?

The Biggest Missional Lie

God has a purpose for your life.

That purpose is to participate with God in God’s mission to love the world.

Over and over as I ask those that I disciple and coach what their biggest barrier is when it comes to living a life on mission, I get the same answer:

“I just don’t have time to live missionally.”

This is just simply not true.

It’s false!

You do have time. In fact…it doesn’t take any specific amount of time to life in a missional way.  

The biggest lie about living life on mission is that you have to find more free time to do it.

Sure—some of you are too busy…but that is a whole other issue.

Living life on mission is about a change of perspective on what you are already doing rather than a change of what you are actually doing.

Let me explain…

A simple definition of “missional living” would be:

Life on mission means you are paying attention to movement of an extraordinary God in the midst of all your everyday ordinary spaces.

Living your life in a way that you are constantly aware of what God is doing around you and asking for courage from God to join in God’s action in the world.

Living missional means you are always asking the question “God, what are you doing?” in:

  • My workplace
  • My family
  • My school
  • My neighborhood
  • My local Target
  • My favorite coffee shop?
  • All your everyday spaces!

As you learn to see what God is doing and hear God’s voice, you will see things you hadn’t before. Some of those things will bring you closer to the heart of God.

You will see the lonely single-mom just feet away from you on the soccer bleachers.

You will notice the way your teenager shares in their own sly way that God is getting their attention through injustice around them.

You will realize that business on the corner of the main drag in your neighborhood isn’t a reputable business but a center for human trafficking.

You will start to see and feel the way God values your work and the way your daily labor contributes to the common good of the world around you in both small and large ways.

You will notice when your barista is having a bad day and ask what’s wrong and have an opportunity to offer a hug and a prayer.

I have a neighbor that I try to talk with when doing work outside in the yard or taking out the trash. Just taking an extra minute or two.

One week, that hello across the yard was right after she found out that her cancer was back.

Paying attention to what God might be doing in our relationship and in her life resulted in the opportunity to offer prayer and support. I prayed for her outside in the rain as I laid hands on her her broken body and we both wept.

Participating with God may lead you to make changes in your schedule and priorities. 

BUT the biggest lie of missional living is that it takes more time then you have to offer.

If you have a life and you’re living it…that’s all the time you need.

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Steph O'Brien
I pastor Mill City Church in the heart of the city of Minneapolis, Minnesota. They are an amazing group of people with incredible missional zeal.