The Most Attractive Quality a Leader Can Have: Humility

Great leaders come in all shapes and sizes, but have this secret in common.

Obviously I have met hundreds, maybe thousands, of leaders in my life. So have you. The older I get, there is one characteristic that I feel is the most attractive quality a leader can have. The most attractive quality a leader can have is . . .  humility.

Leaders come in all shapes and sizes. Some take extraordinary risks. Others play it closer to the vest. Some have larger than life personalities. Others are introverted. Some are well-educated. Others have innate street smarts. Some have large platforms. Others operate in complete anonymity except to those who know them.

I have met great leaders who were both men and women, young and old, different ethnicities and from different political parties. You cannot put great leadership in a box.

Great leaders also have a variety of attractive qualities:


Team Building

Strategic Planning


• Inspiration

• And on and on and on … but humility remains at the top:

11 Practices of Humility in Leadership

1. A Humble Leader always gives credit to others.

2. A Humble Leader is generous financially and with praise.

3. A Humble Leader is forgiving. He/she understands grace.

4. A Humble Leader helps those who cannot return the favor.

5. A Humble Leader develops lifelong friendships.

6. A Humble Leader plays to his/her strengths.

7. A Humble Leader delegates his/her weaknesses.

8. A Humble Leader says, “I don’t know.”

9. A Humble Leader is teachable.

10. A Humble Leader says, “I’m sorry. I was wrong.”

11. A Humble Leader is a lasting leader.

Numbers 9 and 10 are very important. My senior pastor, Dr. Crawford Loritts, says, “If a leader is unteachable, run from them as fast as you can.”

After reading the list above, are you a leader people run to or run from?

Brian Dodd
Brian Dodd is a church stewardship & leadership consultant. See for additional insights.