Old School Tools for New Productivity

Modern and cutting edge are great, but don’t forget the classics.

Old School Tools for New Productivity

We have pointed you toward lots of modern resources to help you stay productive in your pastoring and preaching, but today I want to share some “old school” tools I am adding into my productivity suite in 2017.

You see, every day I am trying to evaluate where I am at and asses how to best move forward. I am one of those weird types that loves new things, loves change, loves pushing boundaries, I LOVE the cutting edge.

But I am determined to relearn how to use some “old school” tools this year. These are the tools and why:

Desk Calendar

My whole life I have been told I need a desk calendar. In high school I would look down at my desk and realize I was two years behind on these things. I committed to using one in college to at the very least track due dates on assignments and papers. But, unfortunately I bought four and used zero.

In 2017 I am committing to using a desk calendar because it is a very useful tool in keeping track of not only short term meetings and appointments and responsibilities but also help in tracking long term progress and projects.

I already have January all filled up!

Physical Bible

For years I have used my phone, tablet and computer as my main Bible. But in 2017 I am committing to using my physical Bible more often. I really just want to do this to have something tangible to grasp as I contemplate God’s Word as well as hopefully be less distracted by pinging notifications and other tempting programs and apps.

Sticky Notes

I got good advice last year that “sticky notes are like text messages.” In my small office environment I am committing to using sticky notes as not only non-pressing communication with colleagues but also as quick reminders for myself at my desk.

Legal Pad

I have not written anything on paper for years. Literally. I took all digital notes in college, and I have tracked everything in my ministry and career digitally since. But, this year I am committing to using a good old fashioned legal pad for tracking stream of consciousness—then later I can file the important stuff digitally!

I am going to be honest with you guys. I never thought I would write this post or anything like it. But I wanted to share this not only as a way to help you be more productive in 2017 as well but also to remind you that what is “old” or “last year” is not always bad, and in many cases has never been surpassed.

What about you?

Joe Hoagland
Joe Hoagland is a pastor at Gape Grove Church of Christ in Jamestown, Ohio. He co-founded RookiePreacher.com and regularly writes for that site. He is newly married to his awesome wife Jenna and together they have 2 spoiled dogs and a cat. He loves to lead people to Jesus and preach God's word. You can often times find Joe hiking, camping, writing, reading, or enjoying technology.