Church Planter: Is Your Life Too Cluttered?

Church planters need to be able to stay out of the clutter.

Church Planter: Is Your Life Too Cluttered?

Bruce Feldman’s book Meat Market is generally considered the greatest book ever written on the subject of college football recruiting. When reading it, I was fascinated by then Ole Miss Rebels Head Coach Ed Orgeron’s evaluation of defensive lineman. This is important because Orgeron, now head coach at LSU, was considered one of the best defensive line coaches in the game. When he is looking at prospects, he wants to know the following:

  • Does the guy get rocked back upon impact?
  • How quick are his hands?
  • Is he stiff in the hips, or can he change direction effortlessly?
  • Does he pursue the play downfield?

But the question that caught my attention as a leader was “Does he keep his feet?” The reason I find this compelling was the statement: “The thing I don’t like is I keep seeing him going to the ground. He’s gotta be able to stay out of the trash.”

I have seen many leaders in my lifetime “going to the ground” and unable “to stay out of trash.” Another word for “trash” could be “clutter.”

The following are 10 Signs a Leader Has Too Much Clutter in Their Life:

  1. The majority of your day is spent dealing with high-maintenance people rather than your leaders and top producers.
  2. Everything is a challenge. Nothing seems to be coming easy.  .
  3. People keep coming to you with complaints. They are bringing you THEIR garbage.
  4. Your circle of friends all have negative attitudes.
  5. Your day is spent putting out fires rather than advancing the organization’s mission and vision.
  6. You spend time on the maintenance of people rather than investing in them.
  7. You are continually blind-sided by problems and issues.
  8. You do not look forward to the day.
  9. You have begun to develop a scarcity mindset rather than being generous.
  10. You have no margin in your life.

As a leader if are you experiencing several of those 10 items, you have too much clutter in your life. If this describes you, do the following:

  1. Refocus and recommit yourself to the organization’s mission and vision.
  2. Purpose that you will spend the majority of your time with your top producers.
  3. Equip your inner-circle to handle small complaints and lead at the lowest level possible.
  4. Begin to start getting wins back under your belt.
  5. Learn to celebrate in a BIG way your victories.
  6. Get plenty of rest. Vince Lombardi was right when he said, “Fatigue makes cowards of us all.”
  7. Grab a Bible and read at least three Psalms a day.
  8. Give away your time and/or resources to someone less fortunate.
  9. Take a vacation. “Come apart” before you come apart.
  10. And finally, re-learn to enjoy yourself and your family.

Leaders, do you feel like you are in the trash? Do you feel like a trash man, the one everybody brings their trash to? If so, do the things on this list and start removing the clutter from your life.

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Brian Dodd
Brian Dodd is a church stewardship & leadership consultant. See for additional insights.