Women in Ministry: Journey to Purpose

Purpose is one of the most difficult non-tangibles to grasp, especially if you are a woman. And for women in ministry, the journey to accepting it, acknowledging it and stepping into it can be difficult.

Esther’s purpose was buried underneath heartache, loss and confusion and included a scary road. There was no way for her to ever know what was to come or that her trust in God would be critical to the fulfillment of her purpose. She had one choice and one choice only. Esther had to know to trust in the Lord with all her heart, to know that He is for her and not against her, to know that He has a plan and it is not to harm her, and, above all else, to know that He loved her.

Esther never had a direct encounter with God. Her story was designed, orchestrated and protected by God, but His obvious direction is nowhere to be found in the book of Esther. This story tells us that not everyone needs to hear exact next steps spelled out directly from the mouth of God to make a difference or to live out their purpose.

If you believe that you have a God-given purpose, then you believe you have an extraordinary purpose and that God is going to use that purpose in an extraordinary way. You don’t get to call yourself a child of God who was formed in your mother’s womb with a God-given purpose, and then, in the same breath, call yourself and your purpose ordinary. You don’t get to tell God that His masterpiece is average. You don’t get to tell God that His plan for your life in not big enough.

Nobody in their right mind would put Mary’s purpose in the “ordinary” category. It almost sounds sacrilegious—she was the mother of Jesus, for crying out loud!

But I bet if we could sit down with Mary and have a conversation, she would tell us that ordinary is exactly what being the mother of Jesus felt like, all the way until His death and resurrection.

Sometimes, our purpose looks normal and ordinary. It slips into everyday life, and if we are not careful, we will forget that every day plays a part in our purpose. Every day matters, every day is a stepping stone to the next day, every day is a stepping stone on the path of purpose.

His plan and purpose depend on you knowing just how precious and special you are to Him. You may not be able to see how God can use you after your brokenness, hurt, bitterness, un-forgiveness, addiction, unfaithfulness and sinfulness. But God sees a lady who He created on purpose and for a purpose.

You were created for good works, which God prepared beforehand just for you so that you will accomplish them.

You have a purpose and it is good.

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