3 Teams That Bring Success to Church Plants

Having the right teams in place could mean the difference between make it and break it!

I had two different conversations today with church planters who were going through a lot of the same situations. All of which led to the same question and solution: having the right teams in place.

1. Oversight Team

An oversight team is a team that helps give direction, coaching, wisdom and accountability to a new or young church. This is vital in the early stages to help guide through the hurdles and help to set up systems and processes in the absence of paid staff or experienced leaders and volunteers. This team may have mostly local members but could have members in other cities who have the same vision and experience with a commitment to help the new church. (As the church matures, this team will dissolve and generally an executive staff or board will be established.)

2. Leadership Team

This is a team comprised of the key leaders “doing” the ministry in the church. This team usually has at least five members: lead pastor, worship leader, children’s minister, next step (discipleship) director and technical director. It may contain more, but it should have at least these key leaders. They should meet weekly to brainstorm and plan upcoming series and events. They should plan off-site times to build trust, friendships and a mutual understanding of each other’s unique contributions.

3. Vision Team

This is the one most miss! This is a team to which you invite the “influencers.” The ones you see in the church who have the ability to influence others. It is absolutely vital to have these key people with you on a regular basis to hear your heart and hear the vision. If you are going to move a church, you must have the key players on the same page with you—this is where the vision team becomes so important. This team should meet once a month and debrief on things happening, and inform them of things on the horizon. If possible, plan a once-a-year off-site three-day vision retreat. It will do wonders!

Any other team you would care to add?

Artie Davis
Artie Davis is an author, blogger, pastor of Cornerstone Church, and a husband who "loves helping Pastors and Leaders realize and reach their greatest potential"