3 Questions to Keep You Connected With Those That Matter Most

Staying connected to those you love takes time and intentionality. Here are three questions to ask yourself.

Life is busy. It isn’t that we don’t have good intentions when it comes to staying connected as a family, it’s just hard to be intentional.

I’ve never drifted into spiritual health. I’ve never seen our family drift into quality time together. We’ve never drifted into deep, meaningful, life-giving conversations. Those things have to be chosen.

Trish and I used to think that whatever stage of life we were in, the “next one” would be less stressful, less chaotic, less busy.

That is a pipe dream.

No matter what stage of life you are in, the next one won’t bring relief. You’ll have to create your pace of life or your pace of life will create you. 

A few nights ago, after going over our fall calendar, both Trish and I were feeling overwhelmed. How can we stay connected spiritually? How can make sure we don’t drift apart from one another? How do we ensure we’re not just going through the motions?

Here are three questions we are asking to help us evaluate our life, schedule and priorities. I am hoping they will keep you connected with those that matter most in your life.

1. How much TV are we watching?

Our house has an open concept that we love. It is one of the things that helps us connect with one another because our kitchen opens up into our eat-in dinning room, which opens up into our living room. It also means that our TV is viewable in over two-thirds of the main floor of our house. It is easy, at times, to allow time in front of the TV to replace time in front of each other. This is a question to ask when you feel disconnected.

2. How many nights do we eat dinner at the table?

Trish is great about asking this question and guarding this value. We do our best to eat around the table at least four nights per week. That is tough, but it is possible most of the time. Conversation flows around the table. We look into each others’ eyes around the table. Stories are told around the table. How many nights do you need to sit around your table to feel connected?

3. Are we praying together?

It’s easy to get spiritually disconnected. There is a spiritual battle that we face every single day. There is a force at work against your family feeling connected to one another. Prayer is the best way to fight back. Sometimes it’s praying on our way to school, sometimes before bed or a big test. Sometimes we pray as we start the day. Praying invites God’s presence into our day and helps us know we are in this together.


Justin & Trisha Davis
Justin and Trisha Davis returned to ministry in 2009 following a four year journey of restoration. They use their story of pain, loss and redemption to bring hope and healing to couples all over the country.