My Father Promised This Land to Me

As a church planter He will take me to the ends of the world, and use me among the nations.

I will give you every place where you set your foot, as I promised Moses. ~ Joshua 1:3

READING: Joshua 1:1-11, Matthew 28:16-20

The beautiful luxury buses were lined-up to leave for Karachi from Hyderabad (both within Pakistan), as Pastor Nasir and I climbed aboard to complete preparation for a large crusade in Karachi, having just finished our ministry in Hyderabad.

Is that God speaking to me? Or am I dreaming? As it was past midnight,I was exhausted, and this bus was cozy but noisy. Shaking hard, I questioned myself, while “THE GREAT COMMISSION” was bright and bold in my head. I heard, “I have called you for nations. Be loyal and obedient to me, and I will use you in the world.”

In a split second I was on fire to win nations for Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit focused my heart on Matthew 28:19, 20, to be the foundation for my just-born ministry. I asked Jesus, “Can I have a better scripture? This one seems to be too simple.” I had no idea about the power and importance of my calling from Jesus Christ, that as a church planter He will take me to the ends of the world, and use me among the nations.

Although I come from a broken family (my parents divorced when I was one year), in fact, having no higher education, skills or even anything good in me, Jesus Christ has called me to serve Him in His great kingdom business of winning souls and planting churches. Now looking back, what a blessing it is, to have ten churches in Pakistan, having just started the eleventh, which is our first church in USA. It is now my goal to plant at least 500 churches around the world.

Heavenly Father, Thank you for calling me to serve you. I surrender and depend on your ability. Use me as you want. Amen.

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