Obeying God's Exact Instruction

On those wonderful occasions when we hear God clearly, we should immediately and precisely record what we hear.

Does the LORD delight in burnt offerings and sacrifices as much as in obeying the voice of the LORD? To obey is better than sacrifice, and to heed is better than the fat of rams. ~ I Samuel 15:22 

READING: I Samuel 15:10-22 

Because we’re often trailblazers in uncharted territory, church planters typically are quite passionate about asking God for guidance and strategy. Hopefully, we wouldn’t dream of willfully defying God’s command the way Saul did, here in this story found in I Samuel 15. But we may inadvertently trip up if we aren’t watchful. 

It’s vitally important, on those wonderful occasions when we hear God clearly, that we immediately and precisely record what we hear. Write it down. Note the pertinent Bible verse or passage.

Here’s why. 

God’s voice, His promptings, His guidance (however we feel most comfortable to phrase it) is the voice of the Creator. And when we hear His voice, all of our own creative energy springs into action in response.

“Oh, I see it all now,” we enthuse. “We could do this, and we could also do that, and we could do the other.” On and on we go, brainstorming one idea after another. Before long, if we aren’t careful, we may drift away from the exact thing we heard. 

Beware of implementing your own conclusion, twice removed, instead of obeying God’s simple command. Go back and check. What exactly did God communicate to you just now? Verify it all using the reliable standard of Scripture. God’s exact word is our only firm ground.

It makes us happy and relieved when the plans and ideas begin to flow. But it delights the heart of God when we obey. 

Dear Lord, Please guide me as I seek to plant this church. Help me to hear You clearly and obey You completely. Amen. 

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