Impossible Does Not Mean Unsolvable

How shall we handle insufficiencies and keep moving forward in our journey?

Here is a boy with five small barley loaves and two small fish, but how far will they go among so many? ~ John 6:9 

READING: John 6:1-15 

Insufficiency is not an uncommon word as we strive to plant churches around the globe. There are various kinds of insufficiency: insufficiency of funds, manpower, talents, skills, abilities, and physical strength, to name a few. How shall we handle insufficiencies and keep moving forward in our journey?

It was a challenging day for the twelve disciples, surrounded by five thousand men with unnumbered women and children, armed only with one little boy’s lunch. By any human arithmetic calculation, it was a time of “insufficiency.” They took the matter to the Lord. Praise God! Jesus was able to solve that math problem.

Jesus emphasized the challenge by asking them to seat the crowd in an order. He blessed the “insignificant and insufficient” lunch that was brought before Him. Then He instructed them to serve. By the end of the day they had a “surplus.” Surplus is much more than sufficiency.

Insufficiency always ignites frustration.The alarm of “impossible” can echo louder till it panics us. Jesus demonstrated a beautiful lesson to the disciples on “insufficiency” that entirely changes our calculation.

Insufficiency is perhaps a threatening factor in your journey. Do what Jesus taught the disciples. Take stock of what you need. Conscious awareness of needs will make you more confident in God. Invest all that you have available, no matter how insignificant your resources may appear. Then seek for God’s touch on it and obey His instructions with confidence.

GOD’S SUPERNATURAL MATH EQUATION: Conscious awareness of needs + My best investment + Seeking God’s touch + Obedient action of faith = Meeting impossible needs + Surplus. 

Lord, Help me to understand the supernatural equation you taught the disciples and apply it by faith whenever I face times of insufficiency. Amen. 

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