Life in Christ

Church planting is the best way to save the most people around the world for Christ.

Jesus said, “For the Son of Man came to seek and to save what was lost.” ~ Luke 19:10 

READING: Luke 19:1-10 

Bishop Yindi, a prolific and gifted church planter in Tanzania, was taking me to visit a new Maasai church plant near Kilimanjaro. As we were driving there, we came upon a terrible accident. At a bridge, two mini-vans had collided.

As we approached, I saw a dead man on the bridge. His face was pressed against the pavement. There was blood on his head. His limbs were contorted. He was utterly lifeless.

We offered our help but there was nothing we could do. We drove on to the Maasai church, off the paved road onto a dirt road and through the savannah to a small structure with concrete walls and a tin roof held up by some thick wooden branches. The sound of singing and great rejoicing came from the church. There were Maasai men and women and children standing and singing and praising God. It was heaven on earth in Africa!  

Our driver, a young Muslim named Abdullah, walked through the church door and began to join in the celebration. When it came time for me to preach, I told these precious people that God loved them and that I loved them. I told them about the dead man on the bridge. I said, “If he was a Christian, he graduated to heaven today. If he wasn’t a Christian, he finds himself separated from God for all eternity. He is in hell. His opportunity to make a decision for Christ is over. We must saturate Tanzania and the world with churches to reach precious people for Christ like that man on the bridge.”

Church planting is the best way to save the most people around the world for Christ. 

Father, Help us to share your good news to rescue the lost. Amen. 

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