Things to Be Sought First

My friends, focus exclusively on His Kingdom affairs and “all” these things will be added to you.

But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. ~ Matthew 6:33 

READING: Matthew 6:19-32 

Worldly wealth gives people obvious security and glory. Jesus warned His disciples in Matthew 6:24 that it was impossible to serve both Money and God at the same time. Since monetary blessings are uncertain and often inadequate,as we serve Him, we have a danger of attempting to serve “money” along with Kingdom service.

There is a huge gulf between given (v. 33) and sought (v. 24). The former is a provision provided by someone, whereas the latter is an intentional hunt by us. Jesus guarantees for a “given” provision. His size and time of supply is based on His sovereign wisdom. When we judge God’s provisions insufficient, we choose to hunt for something beyond His provision. This trespass will eventually shift our focus from Kingdom to money.

“First” is not a chronological priority but rather an insistence that disciples set their undivided focus on Kingdom affairs. Consider these two phrases – “money for ministry” or “ministry for money.” The first phrase keeps us focused on His Kingdom by the virtue of His given provisions.The second phrase tempts us to gradually exploit our ministry work for personal gain. Exaggerated reports, unrealistic targets, manipulated accounts, betrayal of trusts, and selfish agendas are some of the traits of the seekers of money among the Kingdom workers.

His provision might be insufficient in your scale, but it is His supply. So, my friends, focus exclusively on His Kingdom affairs and “all” these things will be added to you. “Added” means that His supply will increasingly, again and again,unendingly, and adequately be given. Wealth of the world, though glamorous, is not reliable (v. 19). 

Lord, Strengthen my firmness to focus only on your Kingdom. Help me to wait upon you for your provision. Amen. 

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