Sharing the Vision

God will start imparting your vision into the people you meet.

I will give you every place where you set your foot, as I promised Moses. ~ Joshua 1:3 

READING: Joshua 1:1-11 

Are you in confusion about your own vision? We always have multiple questions in our heads about our own vision, our calling and even the plan of God. Well, here is my advice: Start connecting with people and share your vision with them. God will start imparting your vision into the people you meet.

I will never forget one particular Saturday night when Pastor Sohail and I were at Pastor Mansha’s house. I shared with him my calling and vision and for almost six hours we all talked about fulfilling the Great Commission. The anointing of the Holy Spirit was growing stronger as the night went along.

The next morning, I asked Pastor Sohail for permission to preach in the Sunday service. We were still in the anointing from last night’s discussion when this fresh wave blessed us more. Pastor Masha was excited about what God had started in his life and ministry overnight. Twelve members of his church said YES to the altar call to fulfill the Great Commission by immediately starting an outreach to the nearest villages.

I suggested that Pastor Mansha make a list of ten villages around Hyderabad which they had never reached before. Immediately after the service, five of us (Sohail, myself, Masha and his one Elder and Deacon) rode on two motorbikes and visited four villages that day. Without drawing attention to ourselves, we did a prayer walk at one village (Kali Mori). This is where Pastor Mansha planted a church, which is growing strong. 

Heavenly Father, Thank you for connecting me with my co-workers. I surrender and depend on your ability. Please use me as you want. Amen. 

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