Possessiveness in Ministry

Those who have been tested and proven to be with you in tough times are priceless in a church plant.

The man runs away because he is a hired hand and cares nothing for the sheep. ~ John 10:13 

READING: John 10:1-13 

There are times during the process of planting churches in a city or, as in our case, along the rivers, that we have to back up and remember whose kingdom we are building. Oftentimes other ministries come along that want to build a church building, sometimes with open hands to bless the body of Christ there. 

At other times it would appear that their intention is to build their own kingdom. They make promises to believers you have been working with for years. We may get the idea that these are “our” people and all other outside influences are bad for them. Many times these other offers and influences will divide the church body. But we also have to be careful not to get too possessive of God’s people. After all, it is the Kingdom of God that we are building.

Not allowing “our people” to go to another church event for fear that they might like it better there, or not encouraging fellowship with others, can come from fear. There was a time that I wanted to hold onto “my leaders” with a closed fist. But the Lord spoke to me that not everyone that comes through your front doors is going to stay and be God’s choice for your church leadership. This Scripture talks of hirelings, people who are with you for some benefit, pay, etc., but might not stay if things get tough financially or otherwise. 

Those who have been tested and proven to be with you in tough times are priceless in a church plant. 

Dear Heavenly Father, Help me to remember that this is your kingdom that we are building and serving, and that you have a plan for us. Help me to trust you for the right leaders and give me wisdom to train them. Amen. 

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