The Child Inside Everyone

Our heavenly Father is ready to lovingly envelop the hurting child within all of us.

A father of the fatherless and a judge for the widows is God in His holy habitation. ~ Psalms 68:5 (NASB)

READING: Galatians 4:1-7

One day, while walking, I saw a small child run up squealing and giggling. His little hands were raised and his baby fat fingers motioned as if he was trying to catch something out of the air. Instantly I knew that there must be a daddy nearby. Looking ahead of the little boy, a man with a big daddy smile was kneeling down ready to snatch up his baby as soon as he reached him.

As a parent, I remember the pleasure of seeing elation in my little ones when I would return home. It was poignant. Their bright innocent eyes wide and twinkling, their hair bouncing behind them, all are sweet recollections.

However, I have no memory of running to an earthly father joyfully waiting for me with arms wide open. So many children experience the absence or indifference of their fathers. Life’s dysfunction brings disappointment and disillusionment to the fatherless in the world.

For me, sometime along life’s way, a restoration of my broken heart began when someone told me about the love of our heavenly Father. God, from His holy habitation, came into my bitter hurting heart and began a process of healing and liberation.

The child inside everyone is fatherless and waiting for someone to tell them. Their Father is waiting to rescue them from the dagger of hurt that plunges ever deeper into their heart and soul. The body of Christ offers a sanctuary where tears are wiped away. Our heavenly Father is ready to lovingly envelop the hurting child within all of us. Let us invite someone to our Father’s house of rest, acceptance and love.

Father, Awaken my heart to empathize with the pain of the fatherless in the world. Help me to lead them to you. Amen.

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