Under Divine Protection

When dealing with people problems, be prayerful, humble and loving. Follow God’s word, and don’t be afraid.

He who was born of God protects him, and the evil one does not touch him. ~ I John 5:18b

READING: Psalm 27

Church planting puts us in direct conflict with the kingdom of darkness, so it’s wonderful to know that God is our strength and protection. Recently I had to confront a church member named Rob (not his real name) on a pattern of ungodly behavior. When I asked him to step down from his public ministry, he became furious and stormed out of my office.

For weeks he remained angry, unrepentant and prideful. Following Matthew 18:15, I brought in two other elders. We were moving toward church discipline but all the while we were praying.

One Saturday night I had a dream. The phone rang and the angry voice I heard was Rob’s. He was just outside my window, talking on his cell phone, and he was intending to enter my house by force. I looked out the window and saw him getting out of his car, beginning to walk toward my front door.

But as he moved toward the house, five burly men appeared and took his arms. Though they were not aggressive, they were firm. They stopped him and moved him back to his car. One of them looked at me, smiled, and said, “Rob is having a bad day. We need to help him calm down.”

That’s when I woke up.

When I told the dream to my wife, she was convinced the Lord was showing me how He had posted angels to protect me and our church. The next morning at church Rob humbled himself and apologized. Breakthrough!

When dealing with people problems, be prayerful, humble and loving. Follow God’s word, and don’t be afraid! He will strengthen and protect!

Lord, Grant me a loving and humble heart when confronting sin. And thank You that You are my strong tower of protection! Amen. 

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