The Lord Is My Support

We know in our bones that every good and perfect gift comes directly from God’s hand.

They confronted me in the day of my disaster, but the LORD was my support. ~ Psalm 18:18

READING: Psalm 18:1-19

Those of us who raise support to fund church planting projects find ourselves in a curious position of depending on the faithfulness of many people to sit down every month and write a check, or hand us money, or send money that gets collected and disbursed by our sending organization. I don’t know about you, but for Jim and me, it was always a small drama to open our paycheck envelope each month to see whether or not we had a full check.

It’s easy to begin to rely heavily on these many, mostly very good people and to feel anxious or upset if some who promised to support us are sporadic in follow through. Although we should always be grateful for their support, we run into a snare if we begin to place our main trust in those supporters or those charitable organizations.

The fact of the matter is that “the LORD is my support” – not my main support or my biggest support but simply and only my support. (The Hebrew word David uses here is mish’an [Strong’s – H5472] meaning “support of every kind.” It’s clear from cross referencing Isaiah 3:1, the other place this Hebrew word is used, although in a negative connotation, that mish’an includes basic supplies like bread, water and military re-provisioning.)

To the degree that we know in our bones that every good and perfect gift comes directly from God’s hand, through whatever intermediary supporter’s purse, to that degree we will be free from anxiety and fear about finances.

Dear Lord, Help me today to rejoice in the assurance that You are my support. Thank You for blessing me through wonderful supporters. Amen. 

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