Free eBook: "A Living Legacy: Discipling Church Planters," by Chris Wienand

Chris Wienand teaches church planters to disciple those who will go on to disciple others.

From Exponential: “What you get saved into is more important than what you get saved out of.” These words have rung loudly in Chris Wienand’s story. He was discipled into a journey in which he and the others with him believed they could impact the nations through church planting. That journey put a spin on discipleship that deeply fashioned his life.

In Genesis, Adam and Eve were called to “increase, multiply and fill the earth.” Jesus, in turn, provided Himself as a model for discipling others who would launch out on an epic, God adventure and see nations touched with this glorious Gospel. This mandate got lodged in Chris’ heart and has fashioned 30 years of ministry. A Living Legacy is that story.

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