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"This eBook is a delightful way to learn. When your training is finished, you’ll still be leafing through these gems for the sheer pleasure of reading them."

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From BookBoon: “In this collection, you’ll find around 500 quotes on the theme of leadership. They range from quotes by Confucius in around 500 BC and the I Ching in 1000 BC, to Burt Reynolds and Paul McCartney in the 20th century. Some of the oldest quotes will surprise you with their relevance to some of today’s methods of leadership. You’ll discover insights into how to manage change, whether at work or not. You’ll learn how to be a facilitative leader to others. You’ll uncover some excellent tips on how to get others to follow you. You’ll get a primer on delegating and empowering. And you’ll learn some of the secrets of what turns ordinary groups into extraordinary teams.”

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