Caesar Kalinowski: 6 Simple Ways to Make Disciples

In this video, Caesar Kalinowski shares six simple ways to make disciples without adding anything to your schedule.

Let me give you six rhythms we’ve been using in community:

First one is Know the Story. OK, we all have a story. Is our story a part of God’s story, or are we believing a different story that’s been told to us by maybe our parents, our boss, people growing up, the culture? Do we know God’s story as a story? We need to. If we’re going to be living as disciples who make disciples, we need to know God’s story. We need to get to know each other’s story deeply enough to apply the gospel.

That leads us to another rhythm of Listening. We’re always listening to someone, but are we listening to God? We need to listen backwards through the Word of God. Who is God? How has He always been? We need to listen forward through the Holy Spirit. My prayer times are mostly filled up with me telling God what to do, then I shoot off into my day. But cultivating a rhythm of listening to God and being in community is how you get to know people’s stories.

Next rhythm: Celebrate. Life is living in a rhythm of celebration. Think about all the holidays that are just coming around, and birthdays (everybody you know has one), and anniversaries, and graduations, and all. We need to join those celebrations and be the bringers of the better wine. Throw the best parties.

The church should be the most celebratory people of the planet. We get to live forever! Party!

Rhythm of Eating. Talk about moving from additional to intentional. We’re already eating 21 times a week. What if I were to have three meals a week with people I’m trying to make disciples of?

Then this rhythm of Bless. Ask the spirit to reveal to you three people that you could bless intentionally each week through either words, action or gift. Imagine a community of people in a neighborhood, 10 or 12, all blessing three people a week. You think that neighborhood would notice? It’ll transform a place.

This last rhythm is Recreate. It’s this idea of rest in Christ’s completed work, and then out of that we create beauty and we work and we create value. Resting in what Christ has done for us, not to earn, but then we work. It’s the idea of sabbath.


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