The Blessing of Babies

Hanging out with baby Christians and helping them grow keeps us in touch with the essentials of our faith.

Blessed is the man whose quiver is full of them . . . ~ Psalm 127:4

READING: Psalm 127 

We have three grandchildren between the ages of two and four. There is nothing quite as wonderful as seeing the world fresh through their eyes – to watch them experience a dainty lady bug tickling their arm for the first time. Or see their eyes get wide as saucers the first time they see the ocean. Or hear them sing “Amazing Grace” for the first time. We treasure their first words or first wobbly steps.

As adults, it’s so easy to get all caught up in the rat race and the minutia of things that seem important – so terribly urgent. We can get tied up in knots over the most esoteric things, as if straightening out the error on our bank statement was all that matters in life. 

And then along comes a toddler who asks us to tie her shoelace or read her a book. Suddenly, our priorities shuffle back into the true verities and we become young at heart.

It’s the same way with baby Christians. We old-timers can get pretty stuffy and jaded, arguing about how many angels can dance on the head of a pin, or thinking that Christianity is mainly about being on the right church committee.

Then along comes a baby Christian, wide-eyed at his first answer to prayer or astonished by the wonderful story of Jesus or full of questions about how to witness to his non-Christian friends. With a lump in our throat we recall the joy when we first saw the light in our Savior’s smile. 

Hanging out with baby Christians and helping them grow keeps us in touch with the essentials of our faith. And all’s right with the world, because these messy, inquisitive babies are the future. 

Father, Thank You for the blessing of babies. May our churches be full of them. Amen. 

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