5 Bad Church Marketing Ideas

People have just as many choices on a Sunday morning as they do toothpaste at Walmart. That’s why we need church marketing ideas.

church marketing ideas

Marketing is a necessary part of church planting in America. We would LOVE to think that the Lord will speak directly to every single person who needs to attend your church, placing a calling on their life. He can and he might, but LBR (let’s be real), there are churches on every corner, and people have just as many choices on a Sunday morning as they do toothpaste at Walmart. That’s why we need church marketing ideas.

Church marketing ideas are important. People are impacted by your church, and God can use your marketing strategy to draw people to the work He is doing through you. But when it comes to church marketing ideas, there are some bad strategies.

5 Bad Church Marketing Ideas


Most church plants know that a website is necessary but are weary of investing too much money in one. A website is the new front door. As a church-planter and a new-church seeker, the website is the first thing I research. By the content and how “put together” the website is, I will make a decision on whether or not I will visit a church. Invest in your website, update your content and make it easy to navigate. Use neutral lingo that church goers and non church goers can understand. Your website is your MOST powerful marketing tool!


Most churches do a great job advertising their church before Sunday, but once the bid day comes … BLECH! Most church plants are mobile, so no one is driving by your very own facility every day, noticing your building, remembering where you are. First time visitors (which is the GOAL here) need signs. They don’t want to make U-Turns, or turn into the wrong parking lot. And you may think, “I have plenty of signs!” To which I ask, can anyone read them from the road? Size, color and font make a difference! Once there, visitors need to know where the bathroom is, and where to check in kids. Signs, Signs, Signs! It’s better to OVER-educate than under!


Announcements are the biggest pain for most churches. Where do you place them in the service? What do you share? How do you communicate? Announcements share the heartbeat of your church. It shows what is important and it also sets the bar of expectation. Too many get lost, too few show a life-less church. Prioritize by deadlines, sign up requirement and volunteer need. (BTW: My personal thought is that each week, a different ministry should be asking for volunteers.) Refine your announcements. It is the tool that gets people taking the next step of involvement at your church.


People are online constantly. Social Media is the absolute best follow up with visitors and a great way to make announcements—especially the ones that didn’t make the Sunday cut. I have followed tons of church plants on social media and the easiest and the marketing platform that’s FREE is not used nearly enough or as effectively. The only thing Social Media costs is time. Programs like Hootsuite help you link your social media and time out posts so that  the bi-vocational pastor can post an encouragement from Sunday’s message even though he’s teaching Math. Use SOCIAL MEDIA!!!!


I’ve packed up and torn down and set up and moved and considered and UGH! the frustrations of church planting! The most frustrating is finding a space. But if at all possible, stay put! If you are investing in marketing financially, every move undoes the work and effort you’ve done in the last six months. Also, moving even just a block or two can change the entire dynamic of your church and you will find you might serve a totally different demographic than you were expecting (not that this is bad, but you must be prepared). Re-think your space if you can’t make at least a one year commitment. When picking a place, remember that you are only as big as your smallest space (finding an effective children’s area is close to impossible). Think outside the box!

Invest in your marketing church ideas.

If someone shows up on Sunday and God touches their life, it will be worth it all!

Tiffany Crawford
Tiffany Crawford has served in ministry for the last ten years. Starting as a children’s ministry director, Tiffany as also been a national trainer for DivorceCare for Kids, a world-wide ministry that helps children process the devastation of divorce. She has also been a recovery ministry director, Biblical counselor and a children’s behavior specialist, training and speaking through her ministry, Beyond the Behavior. Currently Tiffany is serving on the staff of a church plant in Tampa, Fl and works as a free-lance writer and speaker. You can follow her on twitter @tj_crawford.