Saul or David?

As church planters, it is vital that we establish our leadership role within the church.

Day after day Saul searched for him, but God did not give David into his hands. ~ I Samuel 23:14

READING: I Samuel 23 

Saul and David both led “young bucks” but provide stark contrast between great and awful leadership styles. David consistently kept charging forward, courageously doing the jobs God assigned him to do. His own personal forward momentum of obediently following the Lord kept him from getting sidetracked into squashing his own people. He kept his focus on the enemies “out there” and welcomed the strength and skills of mighty men who joined him in his noble enterprise.

When Saul began to stall and sputter and dilly dally, he created a vacuum of leadership but deeply resented his young lieutenants who rose to the challenges he should have been first to face. He stopped focusing on Israel’s true external enemies, and instead, became fixated on stamping out perceived rivals for his crown. 

As church planters it is vital that we establish our leadership role within the church. Most fledgling churches attract a few prowling, carnal folks itching to become “a big fish in a little pond.” We protect our congregation by dealing decisively with power grabs by these ungodly predators.

However – and this is a big however – keep your eyes on the main goal to build a thriving, healthy church body. If within a few years you have crushed every potential threat to your own leadership, you have also most likely driven off all the best go-getters who could help you accomplish truly great things as a church. 

Conversely, if you encourage your young bucks, training and empowering them while you continually lead the charge to fulfill your own God-given mission, you will raise up an army of courageous, faith-filled leaders. 

Dear Father, Give me holy boldness to do all You’ve called me to do and healthy discernment regarding the potential leaders in my church. Amen. 

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