Safe and Holy

A church can and should be a safe place because it is a holy place.

For the law was given through Moses; grace and truth came through Jesus Christ. ~ John 1:17 

READING: Luke 7:36-50 

One of the most amazing facts about Jesus’ ministry is that he commanded and ministered to a broad spectrum of people: Jews and Gentiles, men and women, young and old, sick and healthy, strong and weary, poor and rich, sinner and saint, clean and unclean. How did he accomplish this great feat?

Jesus was a safe and holy person. Jesus was full of grace and truth. Safety and holiness do not tend to mix very well in the real world. Non-Christians usually do not feel very safe with religious people. They fear judgment, condescension, or just plain irrelevance. It is also easy for Christians to not feel very safe with non-Christians. Christians feel easily threatened by the people of this world.

Jesus was a safe person precisely because he was such a holy person. His holiness was never threatened by those who were less holy. Pharisees had proximity rules about lepers for fear of becoming unclean. When Jesus touched a leper, instead of Jesus becoming unclean, the leper was made clean. Jesus’ holiness was strong and infectious, and therefore he was also a safe person.

A church plant has a unique opportunity to start fresh in culture as a safe and holy place – safe, not because the holiness is diluted, or holy at the expense of people feeling safe. A church can and should be a safe place because it is a holy place. A truly holy place is a safe place.

Are you a safe and holy person? 

Heavenly Father, Help me to boldly approach the throne, just as I am, so that I might find grace and mercy to help me in time of trouble. Amen. 

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